Incorporating beautiful materials around a home brings natural hues and textures into the environment. One substance to consider is bluestone pavers; here are several advantages of this versatile renovation option. 

Organic And Unique Appeal 

Bluestone has touches of blue, purple, green, grey, yellow and other tones. Since the colours are natural, the tones weave and intermix to form subtle patterns—thus, these pavers don't have a one-dimensional look and a flat tone. Additionally, the colours are typically earthy, dusky and muted rather than glaringly bright. 

In the wild, over thousands of years, rocks crack and fill with water and minerals which imbue the stone with diverse hues. Thus, each slab is different, emerging from its specific history. As the colour-inducing minerals within the earth differ across the planet, rock mined from a particular place often shows a general characteristic look. The essence of all this is that once you install your flooring, it will be unique and unrepeatable. 

Offers Diverse Shapes 

Bluestone pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which you can combine to form attractive designs. Ashlar patterns, for one, piece together big and small square and rectangle shapes. Otherwise, you could lay uniform squares for a classic effect or use random, irregular forms to generate a rustic ambience. Whatever look you desire, you can configure the shape, size and patterns of the flooring.

Versatile Installation Options 

You can spread bluestone in various places around the home, both inside and out, providing design freedom. Why not install thin-honed smooth-finished pavers across the kitchen floor for earthy ambience? Let the hues within the stone inspire the design of other components. For instance, repeat a blue-purple tone in a splashback, or contrast it with tan timber cupboards. Bluestone weathers water and moisture perfectly in kitchens; you can plaster it across bathroom and laundry floors also. 

Outdoors, you can spread this rock over your pool deck, patio, walkway and driveway. Leaving your pavers with a natural cleft surface provides traction; thus keeping everyone safe around your property. Alternatively, a thermal finish has textured grooves that result from heat treatments. Another beautiful garden hardscape feature perfect for bluestone is a rustic, classic retaining wall. This stone is also available in veneers to serve as cladding, or chunks of it can be put to other uses, such as constructing an outdoor kitchen counter or a gorgeous firepit around which everyone can gather in the evening.