A soakwell is a tank installed underground to allow the seeping of water without damaging the surrounding areas. If you live in an area prone to heavy rains, installing a soakwell is an excellent way to keep your home safe. Soakwells will help prevent soil erosion in your property and damage to your neighbour's property.  

It is vital to understand the considerations to make to ensure proper soakwell installation. This article highlights a few of them.

Install in the Front and Back Yard

You should only leave a short distance between your house and the soakwells for them to be effective. Installing soakwells both in the front and back yard will ensure water runs off effectively and the risk of flooding is minimised. Using this strategy will help avoid saturation of water, ensuring the soil absorbs water effectively. 

Install Soakwells Before the Slab

Plan with the expert contractors to install the soakwells before you start laying the slab during your construction for improved access and easy installation. Though you may want to build the soakwells at the handover phase, it may be impossible as the utility channels, such as gas, data, and sewer lines, will get in the way. Therefore, install the soakwells at the right stage to avoid issues.

Analyse the Soil Conditions

It is vital to analyse the type of soil you have in your area before you start building a soakwell. Most soils tend to become weak when exposed to a lot of water. However, sand and silt soils are less likely to experience foundation movement, making them suitable for constructions projects. Installing a structure on clay soil may be difficult since it cracks when dry and swells when wet, and this may contribute to the weakening of your building's foundation.

Therefore, the best solution is putting up impervious pavements, such as concrete, around your home's perimeter to prevent damage.

Consider the Volume

An important element that determines whether your soakwell will withstand stormwater is the capacity of the wells. The soakwell you install should be sufficient for storing water and ensuring a quick dissipation to the ground in case of a heavy downpour. Also, the volume determines if the water will overflow or remain there. Installing soakwells with a big storage capacity will help retain water during heavy storms.

A soakwell is an essential structure to install in your Australian home. Working with expert contractors will ensure you get a soakwell that works best for your home. Professionals will also guarantee proper installation of the soakwell to avoid flooding and damage to your house.