If you want to add a patio to your home, natural stone pavers are a good material to consider. Compared to other options, such as concrete or gravel, natural stone paving has a lot of advantages. Here are four reasons to use natural stone pavers for your patio:

1. Natural Stone Pavers Look Beautiful

When adding a patio to your home, it is important to consider the aesthetics of the design. This is likely to be a space that you use for relaxing and for entertaining guests, so you want it to make you feel good while you are in it.

Natural stone is arguably the most beautiful material you can use to construct a patio. To maximise the beauty, you can choose natural stone pavers in shades that complement the colour scheme in your home and garden.

2. Natural Stone Pavers Are Durable

Natural stone is a durable material that can last for many years. Compared to options such as gravel or asphalt, stone shows fewer signs of wear and tear as it ages. If you would rather not have to deal with crumbling asphalt or gravel that becomes increasingly sparse as the stones are washed away, opt for natural stone pavers instead.

Natural stone pavers are a particularly good option if there are tree roots under the space you plan to use for your patio. Growth of the tree roots might disrupt the alignment of the pavers, but they are unlikely to crack like concrete or asphalt. The same is true in areas prone to freezing weather, as the water that gets between the pavers can freeze and thaw without damaging the natural stone.

3. Natural Stone Pavers Are Easy to Clean

You can use a hose or power washer to clean your natural stone pavers. Rinse away grass clippings, dead leaves and any other debris regularly to keep the patio clean.

If weeds grow between the pavers, simply pull them up from the roots. You can reduce the risk of weed growth by working with a contractor who will take the time to properly prepare the patio surface before laying the pavers.

4. Natural Stone Pavers Are a Good Investment

The main disadvantage of natural stone pavers is that they are more expensive than other patio materials. However, their attractive appearance could raise the value of your home. Before you dismiss natural stone pavers on the basis of cost, consider whether they could be a good long-term investment for you.