If you're looking for a way to enhance your garden, you could consider a retaining wall. Here are several ways these structures can help.

Sloping Gardens

Slopes add interest to the landscape, but they can render some parts of a property unusable. After all, it can be tricky to garden or else to relax on a lounge chair on a hillside. You could construct retaining walls in such landscapes that carve the slope into several flat tiers, which you can use any way you wish.

Retaining walls hold back mounds of soil, so they need to be solidly built. Some types use gravity to restrain the dirt. These gravity barriers are made with a broad base, and they incline towards the soil they're banking. Alternatively, a cantilever design uses L-shaped metal supports buried into the earth. The bottom of the L-shape is covered with dirt, which helps to hold the barrier firm. Or else, you could construct an anchored wall. These structures use cables that attach to the barrier at one end while the other end anchors into the ground. These walls can use lighter materials, as the wires offer support.

Add Seating

You may love the look of retaining walls, especially when they use stone or timber and bring lovely textures and colours to the garden. Thus, you might want to build one of these structures regardless of whether your property is hilly or flat. For example, you could encircle the patio with a flat-top wall at a comfortable sitting height. When friends or family visit, you'll have ready-made seating, perfect for entertaining and parties.

Add Dimension to the Garden

Alternatively, you could build a retaining wall around raised garden beds in a flat yard. For example, construct a circular wall and fill it with soil and colourful flowers. Alternatively, set up elevated garden beds along the periphery, and line them with a low retaining wall, which will soften the fence line. Elevated garden areas add dimension and prevent the garden from looking drab.

Thus, retaining walls can enhance a yard in several ways. You can increase usable areas by turning a slope into layers of flat ground. Additionally, you can naturally blend seating into the landscape and make your garden more functional for entertaining with a comfortably shaped wall. Finally, elevated garden beds let you fashion the landscape vertically and increase visual interest with raised garden beds in various shapes.